MathAware seeks to teach people valuable math skills to natigate the modern world. ​Picking up where Math Awareness Month left off we'll cover evertything from accounting and investment, right down to the very basics of numeracy.

Whether you're looking to better understand products, learn through games, or simply help teach your kids better numeracy skills MathAWARE has something for you.

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A New Mathematics-Inspired Understanding of Breathing and the Brain

The brain produces movement and also controls homeostasis of the internal physiological state of the brain and body. These two facets of brain …
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Large Dynamic Graphs: What Can Researchers Learn from Them?

By Fan Chung GrahamResearchers who study massive real-world networks like the Internet and the Web are facing new and challenging mathematical …
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The Small-World Phenomenon and Decentralized Search

The small-world phenomenon -- the principle that we are all linked by short chains of acquaintances, or "six degrees of separation" -- is a …
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